At War With The Blasto Parasite – A Memoir

At War With The Blasto Parasite romps through outback Australia and the dragons of the Far East with their freewheeling triad gangs and boundless opportunity, capturing the thrill of entrepreneurial success and triumph over adversity. A true story about real victory, of enormous value to entrepreneurs, families and anybody who has ever embarked on a challenge, or travelled to China or the Middle East.

An ‘Advance Reader’ copy is available free online, in return for your review after reading.  Get your password to the advance reader copy here.   Update September 2019 – Sorry, access is closed while I do a re-write.

Truth In Politics

For many years I have been dismayed by politicians, making promises before an election only to renege on the after an election. To take positive action I founded think tank Truth In Politics to contribute to policy development in the space. Despite no independent candidate in WA every winning a senate slot, I stood as an independent candidate for the WA Senate in the 2019 Federal election.  My aim was to test the truth in politics issue in its raw form in the real world. Despite drawing last place on the ballot the result was good – polling in the middle of the field of independents –  and it received an astonishing level of support on social media with over 1,500-page likes on Facebook and many hundreds of comments and shares.  It was an excellent experience and I thank everybody for their support.