This site is the official website of Brian Carew-Hopkins.

Perhaps the best place to get career info and my current role is linkedin. My working life has revolved around business, with experience in business development, startups, international trade, business mentoring and business mergers & acquisitions.

I get pleasure from art, and I enjoy painting in oils.  I have always produced art. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for me. I have won some prizes at public exhibitions and exhibited in several solo exhibitions.  Like many people with an artistic bent, I find painting meditative.   I’ve recently moved my art to vooglue.com.

I authored a memoir that recounts a significant event in my life and some fantastic tools that enable anyone to remain confident and successful despite life’s setbacks. I have several projects underway, my ‘doves‘. Please support them if you are able.

Foremost I am a family man.  By the measure of my beautiful family, I believe I am among the very few, and most fortunate of men. I am deeply thankful for that and my many other blessings.

My philosophy on life is to always look on the brights side.  I like the quotation by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

Thanks for your visit. If you want to get in contact try messaging me on Linkedin. More links are here. Links