Welcome to the official website of Brian Carew-Hopkins.

My working life has been dedicated to business, business development, startups, international trade, helping business from government, business mentoring and most recently business broking, mergers & acquisitions. The best place to get career info and my current role is linkedin.

I paint in oils, winning first and second prize at the single competition I entered, back in 1990. My art focus is now on the business end – developing technology to access heretofore unavailable dimensions of a painted artwork using a phone App which now on the app store.  I’ve recently moved my art to the site for this project:  vooglue.com.

My career was interrupted by illness in 2008, which took many years out of my life. Thankfully I fully recovered.  My book about the experience is available as an ‘advance reader‘ on this site in return for your public comment. When you read it you will see why I call ambitions  ‘doves‘.

Foremost I am a family man.  By the measure of my family, I believe I am among the very few, and most fortunate of men. I am deeply thankful for them.

My philosophy on life is to always look on the brights side.  I like the quotation by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

Thanks for your visit. If you want to get in contact try messaging me on Linkedin. More links are here. Links